Make your best work even better

Dropbox Professional lets you store, share, and track progress on all your work. It features Smart Sync and Showcase, as well as 2 TB (2,000 GB) of space.

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You can cancel or downgrade at any time

Share like never before

Dropbox Showcase lets you present to clients and partners beautifully, track progress, and keep tabs on who’s seen what.

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Keep all your work close by

With Dropbox Smart Sync, you can see and access all your files right from your desktop. Keep your projects within reach and off your hard drive until you need them.

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We’ve got your back

With Dropbox Professional, you get world-class security, the ability to recover and restore work from the past 120 days, and priority chat support in case anything else comes up.

Talk bubble Displays a talk bubble around the text to show how much space you have. Your current plan
Out of Space, Visualization An abstract illustration of your current storage plan, compared to Dropbox Plus and Professional, in the shape of a triangle.
Dropbox Basic
2 GB
1,000 GB
2,000 GB

Keep all your files in one place

Don’t worry about space, you’ve got 2 TB for all your files. Whether it’s work, photos, music, or personal projects, there’s room for everything.


1 TB of space

Get plenty of space for all your files. Keep everything safe and in one place.

Offline access on mobile

Access files and folders any time, anywhere—even without an internet connection.

Camera upload

Back up photos and videos as you take them, freeing up storage on your mobile device.


Everything in Plus with 2 TB and:

Smart Sync

Access all your files from your desktop, without taking up all your hard drive space.


Share your work with customized branding and track who engages with your files.

Sharing controls

Manage the visibility, access, and download permissions of every file, folder, and link you share.

Full text search

Search the text content of all your files, including docs scanned with the Dropbox app.

120-day version history

See changes, recover older versions, and restore deleted files from the last 120 days.

Priority chat support

Resolve issues in real time by chatting with the Dropbox support team.

Get powerful tools to make your work shine
Upgrade your Dropbox

You can cancel or downgrade at any time